Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball, Girls Varsity Volleyball · Adjustment to Volleyball Camp Format

Due to the low number of registrants for the Developmental Training Camp (DTC), the two camps will be combining to stay at the Advanced Training Camp (ATC) time slot (7-9pm) and keeping with the ATC camp schedule. We are confident that this will positively enhance the DTC camper’s experience while not changing the camp plan/schedule for the ATC campers.

There is a wide variety of grade levels having various levels of experience registered for the ATC camp, therefore the DTC campers will be exposed to JV and Varsity level players and drills, while giving them the fundamental attention and repetition they will need to grow. All DTC and ATC registrants bring a passion for volleyball and a desire to work hard and learn. By having the Varsity and JV coaches, along with former MHS alumni running the ATC camp, the knowledge and experience will be strong and worthwhile for DTC and ATC campers alike.

This decision has been made at this time in order to inform families of the time change with ample time to ask questions and make note of the schedule change. It is completely understandable and a refund will be given to any DTC registrant who would no longer wish to attend camp as a result of this change. The coaching staff is excited about the Monticello Mustangs Camp and the opportunity to work with, encourage and witness the tremendous growth that these athletes will experience.

Please reach out if you have any questions. (Head Coach: Meg Carpenter We look forward to seeing your daughters at camp!