Boys Junior Varsity Football, Boys Varsity Football · Nine Mustangs earn all-Region 3C Football Honors

Monticello was well represented on this year’s Class 3, Region C all-region team, earning nine total positions on the team including four first team selections.

Kevin Jarrell (Quarterback), Jerrick Ayers (Running Back), Austin Haverstrom (Wide Receiver), and Garrett Porterfield (Linebacker) each earned first team honors on the team selected by a panel of coaches from around Region 3C including the Jefferson, Valley, and Seminole Districts.

Being selected as second team all-region were Elliot Curry (Offensive Line) and Alex Plencner-Roney (Center).  Garnering Honorable Mention honors were Danny Talbert (Offensive Line), Matthew Allen (Defensive Line), and Dylan Booth (Punter).

Monticello finished the season 8-2 in the regular season, 9-3 overall, and ranked third in Class 3, Region C. The Mustangs advanced beyond the first round of the playoffs for the third time in the last four years.

The complete Region 3C football team is below. For more information on Monticello football, please contact Head Coach Jeff Lloyd at


Offense – 1st Team

Quarterback               Kevin Jarrell                            Sr.                    Monticello

Running Backs            Elijah Davis                              Sr.                    Heritage

Jerrick Ayers                            Sr.                    Monticello

Brennan Brown                       Jr.                    Spotswood

Wide Receivers          Micah Glaize                           Jr.                    Brookville

Kevin Moss                              Sr.                    Heritage

Austin Haverstrom                  Sr.                    Monticello

Tight End                    Drake Tomasi                          Sr.                    Spotswood

Offensive Line             Eric Wyatt                               Sr.                    Heritage

Luke Tenuta                            Sr.                    Western Albemarle

Aaron Estes                             Sr.                    Brookville

Tucker Berkshire                     Sr.                    Spotswood

Center                         Keonte Rose                            Sr.                    Heritage

Kicker                          Chris Cline                               Jr.                    Brookville

Kick Returner             Robert Sims                             Sr.                    Western Albemarle

All Purpose OFF          Ryan North                              Soph.               Brookville

Offensive POY             Elijah Davis                              Sr.                    Heritage

Coach of the Year       Brad Bradley                                                   Heritage


Defense – 1st Team

Defensive Tackle                                Javon Reed                  Sr.                    Heritage

Xavian Ivory                Sr.                    Brookville

Sayer Brown                Jr.                    Western Albemarle

Defensive Ends                                   Drake Tomasi              Sr.                    Spotswood

  1. J. Burks Jr.                    Heritage

Linebackers                                        Vonte Pannell             Jr.                    Heritage

Garrett Porterfield      Sr.                    Monticello

Collin Rector               Jr.                    Brookville

Michael Cekada          Sr.                    Spotswood

Defensive Backs                                 Adrian Watson            Sr.                    Heritage

Morgan Viar                Sr.                    Brookville

Robert Sims                 Sr.                    Western Albemarle

Kevin Moss                  Sr.                    Heritage

Punter                                                  Luke Wells                   Sr.                    Waynesboro

Punt Returner                                    Adrian Watson            Sr.                    Heritage

All Purpose DEF                                 Micah Glaize               Jr.                     Brookville

Defensive POY                                    Vonte Pannell             Jr.                    Heritage


Offense – 2nd Team

Quarterback                           Tanner Bernard           Sr.                    Brookville

Running Backs                        Shmar Johnson            Sr.                    Rustburg

Jake Capasso               Sr.                    Turner Ashby

  1. J. Green Sr.                    Waynesboro

Wide Receivers                      Jalike Lynch                 Soph.               Rockbridge County

Brendon Brown           Jr.                    Brookville

Jake Weyher               Jr.                    Western Albemarle

Tight End                                Zay Goode                   Sr.                    Heritage

Offensive Line                         Ja’Von Reed                Sr.                    Heritage

Cameron Clark            Sr.                    Rockbridge County

Elliott Curry                 Sr.                    Monticello

Darrius Randolph        Jr.                    Heritage

Center                                     Alex Plencer-Roney     Jr.                    Monticello

Kicker                                      Colin Brooker              Sr.                    Heritage

Kick Returner                         Malik Dunn                  Sr.                    Rockbridge County

All Purpose OFF                      Johnny Dunn               Jr.                    Rockbridge County


Defense – 2nd Team

Defensive Tackle                                Eddie Hamlett             Sr.                    Heritage

Chris Zangus                Sr.                    Spotswood

Kerry Showalter          Sr.                    Waynesboro

Defensive End s                                   Luke Tenuta                Sr.                    Western Albemarle                                                                Elonte Jones                Jr.                    Brookville

Linebackers                                        Triniti Stores                Sr.                    Rockbridge County

Hasani Rivera              Jr.                    Heritage

Ryan North                  Soph.               Brookville

Spencer Goolsby         Soph.               Heritage

Defensive Backs                                 Dequiondre Clark       Sr.                    Waynesboro

Chris Megginson         Jr.                    Heritage

Zack Mann                  Jr.                    Brookville

Kyron Thomas             Soph.               Heritage

Punter                                                  Grayson Harvey           Sr.                    Rustburg

All Purpose DEF                                 Malik Dunn                  Sr.                    Rockbridge County


Offense – Honorable Mention

Quarterback                                       Ben Rhodenizer           Sr.                    Rockbridge County

Jabari Blake                 Jr.                    Heritage

Running Backs                                    Dequiondre Clark       Sr.                    Waynesboro

Wide Receivers                                  Chris Megginson         Jr.                    Heritage

Kyle Irving                   Sr.                    Rockbridge County

Zack Thompson           Jr.                    Brookville

Carrington Anderson   Sr.                    Heritage

Tight End                                            A.J. MacDougall          Soph.               Brookville

Offensive Lineman                             Dakota Massie            Jr.                    Brookville

Danny Talbert             Sr.                    Monticello

K.J. Burks                     Jr.                    Heritage

Troy Williams              Jr.                    Brookville

Colby Morris               Soph.               Spotswood

Kerry Showalter          Sr.                    Waynesboro

Isaac Edwards             Sr.                    Waynesboro

Tyler Cale                    Sr.                    Spotswood

Center                                                 Layton Stevens            Sr.                    Rockbridge County

Chandler Ortiz             Sr.                    Spotswood

Kicker                                                  Ellison Morel               Sr.                    Rockbridge County

Kick Returner                                     Adrian Watson            Sr.                    Heritage

Kalen Morton              Jr.                    Spotswood


Defense – HM Team

Defensive End s                                   Dante Fields                Sr.                    Heritage

Matthew Allen            Sr.                    Monticello

Jake Capasso               Sr.                    Turner Ashby

Linebackers                                        Alijah Braxton             Sr.                    Waynesboro

Jake Lesemann            Jr.                    Western Albemarle

Trevor Ruff                  Sr.                    Rustburg

Punter                                                  Chris Cline                   Jr.                    Brookville

Dylan Booth                 Sr.                    Monticello