Multiple Teams · 21 Mustangs receive All-Region Honors in Baseball, Softball, Boys & Girls Soccer

20 Monticello student-athletes and one coach were selected for all-Region 3C postseason honors in Baseball, Softball, Boys Soccer, and Girls Soccer.

Kevin Jarrell (1st team, 3rd base), Dylan Booth (2nd team, Outfield), Tyler Walker (Honorable Mention, Catcher) and Matthew Allen (Honorable Mention, 1st Base) represented Monticello on the all-Region 3C Baseball Team.

Representing the Mustangs on the all-Region 3C Softball team were Emily Morris (1st team, DP/Flex and 2nd team, Utility), Emily Clifford (2nd team, Pitcher), Elizabeth Kenney (2nd team, Outfield).  Hannah Shifflett, who signed with James Madison University’s softball program earlier this year, was an Honorable Mention selection at Shortstop in a vote conducted by softball coaches from throughout the Region.

In Boys Soccer, Alec Ryan (2nd team, Forward), Luis Lopez (2nd team, Midfield), and Jack Billies (Honorable Mention, Midfield) received all-Region recognition.

Highlighting the Girls Soccer all-Region 3C team was Mallory Yowell‘s 1st team selection as a Defender and Mustangs Head Coach Thomas Warren being named the Region Coach of the Year.  Earning 2nd team all-Region honors for the Mustangs were Mackenzie Scheel (Defense), Macy Drumheller (Defense), Kayla Burton (Forward), Abby Drumheller (Forward), Cami Hoke (Midfield), and Ellie Wray (Midfield).  Reanna Slater (Midfield) received Honorable Mention honors.

Congratulations to all Monticello Mustangs that earned postseason regional honors.  The complete all-Region teams are listed below.


All Region Baseball     
First Team  
Postion Name School Year
Pitcher Waring Garber TAHS 12
Pitcher Derek Domecq WAHS 12
Pitcher Eli Lam SHS 11
Catcher Jared Glinski BHS 10
!B Bryce Suters Broad 9
2B Alex Balisteri RBHS 10
3B Kevin Jarrell MHS 12
SS Reves Whitmore RBHS 12
OF Hayden Almond BHS 12
OF Andrew Ward FCHS 10
OF Tanner Moyers TAHS 12
OF Ben Custer TAHS 12
DH Andrew Ward FCHS 10
Utility Jacob Critzer FCHS 11
POY Eli Lam SHS 11
Coy Joel Gray FCHS
2nd Team
Pitcher Daniel Sorrells RBHS 12
Pitcher Hayden Almond BHS 12
Pitcher Austin Martin RHS 12
Catcher Kyle Eagle TAHS 12
!B Kevin Ward FCHS 10
2B Bryce Turner Broad 11
3B Eli Lam SHS 11
SS Zach Thompson BHS 10
OF Dashon Carter FCHS 12
OF Dylan Booth MHS 12
OF Treyce McCormick RBHS 10
OF Garrett Payne WAHS 10
DH Grayson Harvey RHS 12
Utility Austin Martin RHS 12
Honorable Mention
p Shannon Tucker BHS 12
P Kyler Parker HHS 12
P Isiah Blanks RHS 11
P Daniel Ouderkirk SHS 12
P Nick Griffin TAHS 10
C Jacob Critzer FCHS 11
C Tyler Walker MHS 12
1B Matthew Allen MHS 12
1B Dylan Dodgion RHS 12
1B Luke Tenuta WAHS 12
2B Brendan Campbell WAHS 12
3B Koice Quintanill TAHS 12
3B Chris McGahren WAHS 12
SS Cameron Shields FCHS 10
SS Austin Martin RHS 12
SS Wyatt Hull WAHS 11
Of Josh McMillian BHS 12
Of Kyle Parker HHS 12
OF Trey Pendleton RHS 9
OF Adam Ware RHS 12
DH Tanner Morris Broad 11
Utlity Koice Quibtanill TAHS 12


2018 All Region Softball   
First Team
Postion Name School Year
Pitcher Millie Thompson LBHS 10
Pitcher Taylor Hankins Broad 9
Pitcher Makayla Cyzick TAHS 11
Catcher Maddy Kelley TAHS 12
!B Sierra Lantz Broad 12
2B Gracie Moyers TAHS 9
3B Carley Davis TAHS 11
SS Sarah Wimer Broad 12
OF Rebecca Hensley LBHS 12
OF Micayla Williams Broad 12
OF Kaylin Howard TAHS 10
OF Atylor Friess LBHS 11
DP/Flex Emily Morris MHS 10
Utility Emily Campbell Broad 12
POY Carley Davis TAHS 11
Coach Mike Thompson LBHS
2nd Team
Pitcher Madison Harris BHS 10
Pitcher Emily Clifford MHS 12
Pitcher Paige Clark RBHS 12
Catcher Gretchen King Broad 11
!B Paige Eavers TAHS 9
2B Kennedy Clemmer RBHS 11
3B Kacey Whorley LBHS 11
SS Kylie Stark BHS 10
OF Anna Phillips TAHS 9
OF Nadia Tibbs BHS 12
OF Catera Marsh FCHS 11
OF Elizabeth Kenney MHS 12
DP/Flex Hannah Jenkins Broad 9
Utility Emily Morris MHS 10
Honorable Mention
P Mariah Tawney FCHS 12
P Lexi Davis RHS 12
C Machenzie Flood LBHS 10
C Maddie Walker BHS 10
1B Kinnice Turner LBHS 9
1B Skyler Winfield BHS 11
2B Delaney Scott HHS 12
2B Lacey Pugh WAHS 12
3B Chelsie Moran BHS 12
SS Torie Shifflett TAHS 12
SS Hannah Shifflett MHS 12
OF Alexis Ferguson BHS 10
OF Katie Morris FCHS 11
OF Alexis Hasting HHS 10
OF Madison Ruley RBHS 11
OF Sydney Eye TAHS 10
OF Tiana Knight WAHS 12
DP/Flex Jordan Brittle TAHS 10
DP/Flex Tori Koczan FCHS 11
Utility Mariah Tawney FCHS 12


2018 Boys Soccer Region 3C Team  
First Team
Postion Name School Year
D Jed Strickland WAHS 12
D Ian Kunkel SHS 11
D Dakota Blodgett RHS 12
D Kevin Cavasos TAHS 12
D Johnny Riordan WAHS 12
F Milan Daus RHS 12
F Wilson Brown WAHS 12
F Emory Davis FCHS 10
F Abrey Atwell SHS 11
F Jacob Moses RHS 11
MF Fredy Alberto SHS 12
MF Carter Spilman WAHS 11
MF Chris Garbarini LBHS 11
MF Kamden Shephard FCHS 11
MF Claeb Chavez SHS 10
GK Devin O’Niel LBHS 12
POY Milan Daus RHS
Coach LBHS
2nd Team
Postion Name School Year
D Jared Dutt SHS 10
D Finn McLaughlin FCHS 11
F Junior Martinez SHS 11
F Ezra Sawyer Broad 12
F Alec Ryan MHS 10
F Sean Campbell TAHS 12
MF Will Carlson RHS 12
MF Luis Lopez MHS 10
MF Luke Magargee WAHS 12
MF Alex Maroz SHS 12
MF Simon Parmer SHS 11
GK Samuel Sosa SHS 12
Honorable Mention
Zack Gallier RHS 11
Angel Ramierz TAHS 10
Jack Billies MHS 10
Jack Frey WAHS 10


2018 Girls Soccer Region 3C Team  
First Team
Postion Name School Year
D Shannon Moore WAHS 12
D Julia Berg WAHS 11
D Allie Budd SHS 12
D Mallory Yowell MHS 12
D Emilie Fowler LBHS 12
F Abigail Zimmerman WAHS 12
F Delaney Snead LBHS 12
F Rosada Cedeno SHS 12
F Katrine Berg WAHS 11
F Chloe Weaver Broad 12
MF Savannah Wilson WAHS 12
MF Jane Romness WAHS 12
MF Blair McGloon SHS 12
MF Maria Varga RHS 12
MF Brynn Hinegardner Broad 11
GK Bailey Wood WAHS 10
POY Savannah Wilson WAHS 12
Coach Thomas Warren MHS
2nd Team
Position Name School Year
D Mackenzie Scheel MHS 9
D Macy Drumheller MHS 9
D Lindsey White Broad 11
D Kate Dejong WAHS 11
D Olivia Paladino SHS 11
F Kayla Burton MHS 11
F Elizabeth Fabiano WAHS 12
F Abby Drumheller MHS 9
F Ravyn Mongold Broad 11
F Maria Young LBHS 11
MF Cami Hoke MHS 11
MF Shelby Peak LBHS 12
MF Ellie Wray MHS 12
MF Lydia Young LBHS 10
MF Hilda Rodriquez Broad
GK Morgann Dills LBHS 12
Honorable Mention
MF Ellie Witmer Broad 10
D Breonsay Robey Broad 12
D Claire Stevens LBHS 10
MF Savannah Willis LBHS 12
MF Abby McIver LBHS 11
D Cassidy Lucas LBHS 11
MF Reanna Slater MHS 9
D Katelyn Vierrether RBHS 12
D Baileigh Youngblood RHS 11
F Rachel Sledd RHS 10
MF Abby Cunningham RHS 11
F Cecilia Mendoza SHS 9
F Jordan Bennett TAHS 12
MF Addy Stevens WHS 10
D Jordie Roberts WHS 9
GK Brooke Silby BHS 12
GK Brooke Nazar FCHS 10
GK Jennifer Leal Cruz SHS 10
GK Meredith Bowers TAHS 9