Multiple Teams · Boys Basketball 2019 Fall Conditioning Dates


Tuesday, August 27              4:00-5:30pm                 Weight Room

Thursday, August 29             4:00-5:30pm               Weight Room


Tuesday, September 3          7:00-8:30am                Weight Room /Aux. Gym

Thursday, September 5         7:00-8:30am               Weight Room /Aux. Gym

Tuesday, September 10        7:00-8:30am                Weight Room /Aux. Gym
Thursday, September 12       4:00-6:30pm               Weight Room/ Main Gym
Tuesday, September 17        7:00-8:30am                 Weight Room /Aux. Gym
Thursday, September 19       4:00-6:30pm               Weight Room/Main Gym

Tuesday, September 24             7:00-8:30am           Weight Room /Aux. Gym
Thursday, September 26           4:00-6:30pm           Weight Room/Main. Gym


Tuesday, October 1                   4:00-6:30pm            Weight Room/ Main Gym

Thursday, October 3              7:00-8:30am               Weight Room/ Main Gym
Tuesday, October 8                 7:00-8:30am              Weight Room/Main Gym
Thursday, October 10             4:00-6:30pm              Weight Room/ Main Gym

Saturday, October 12               10:30-1:00pm           Main Gym
Tuesday, October 15                  7:00-8:30am           Weight Room/Main Gym
Thursday, October 17                7:00-8:30am           Weight Room/Main Gym

Tuesday, October 22                  7:00-8:30am          Weight Room/ Main Gym

Thursday, October 24                7:00-8:30am           Weight Room/ Main. Gym

Saturday, October 26               10:30-1:00pm           Main Gym

Tuesday, October 29                  7:00-8:30am           Weight Room/ Main Gym

Thursday, October 31                7:00-8:30am            Weight Room/ Main. Gym

Saturday, November 2               10:30-1:00pm         Main Gym

VHSL Physical form dated after 5/1/18 has to be on file with the Athletics Office to participate in conditioning.



Attending conditionings does not guarantee a position in the Monticello Boys Basketball Program for the 2019-2020 school year.

Conditioning days will take place in the weight room and gyms at Monticello High School. Students should hydrate in advance and bring water bottles. Times and dates are subject to change.

Please go to and sign up to receive athletic updates and schedule changes.


For more information about Monticello Boys Basketball, please email

 Gary Spry at