Activity Buses depart from the bus loop at Monticello High School promptly at 6:45pm on all regular school days. Activity Buses are intended to assist parents by providing transportation to pre-determined drop-off points (listed below), and are NOT a school-to-home means of transportation. Students should confirm with the driver that they are on the correct bus.


  1. Scottsville Road (Ft. 20) at Vintage Market
  2. Walton Middle School on Red Hill Road (708)
  3. Middle Oak Church on President’s Road (795)
  4. Scottsville Road (Rt. 20) at Green Mountain Country Store
  5. Keene Post Office on Esmont Road (715)
  6. Scottsville Elementary School on Scottsville Road (Rt. 20)
  7. James River Road (Rt. 726) at the IGA Shopping Center
  8. Irish Road (Rt. 6) at Brown’s Mini Market
  9. Chestnut Grove Road (Rt. 723) north of Pocket Lane (Rt. 703) at Chestnut Grove Baptist Church



  1. Elks Lodge on Elk Darive
  2. Pantops Shopping Center off of Riverbend Drive
  3. Stone Robinson Elementary School on North Milton Road
  4. Milton Road (Rt. 729) at t he intersection of Thomas Jefferson Parkway (Rt.53) at Mount Eagle Church
  5. East Rivanna Fire Dept. on Steamer Drive off Glenmore Way
  6. Richmond Road (Rt. 250) at the Boyd Tavern Post Office
  7. South Plains Church on Louisa Road (Rt 22) near intersection of Black Cat Road (Rt 616)
  8. Louisa Road (Rt 22) and the intersection of Gordonsville Road (Rt 231)  @ Cismont Store


Red Hill/Covesville

  1. Harris Road @ Loma Lane (Willoughby Subdivision)
  2. Southwood Market @ first intersection of Hickory Street and Bitternut Lane
  3. Old Lynchburg Road ( Rt. 631) at the intersection of Rivanna Rifle Club
  4. Red Hill Road (Rt. 708) at Mount Olivet Church
  5. Red Hill School on Red Hill Road (708)
  6. Monacan Trail Road (Rt. 29) at the intersection of Plank Road (Rt. 692) at the Crossroads
  7. Covesville Baptist Church on Heards Mountain Road (Rt. 633)
  8. Monacan Trail Road (Rt. 29) at Covesville Post Office