Mustang Maniacs

Monticello High School students help create one of the greatest atmospheres in the Jefferson District at our home athletics events. All Monticello students have the opportunity to share in the excitement by becoming a ‘Mustang Maniac’.

Follow the Mustang Maniacs on Twitter @Mustang_Maniacs! (Note: This is a student-run social media site not controlled by Monticello High School or the Monticello High School administration. Comments and/or views expressed may differ from those of the Monticello High School administration and/or Albemarle County Public Schools.)

HAIL TO THE MUSTANGS (School Fight Song)
Hail to the Mustangs, Marching
Onward from Monticello
Hail, Hail the Thundering Herd
Is Coming your Way…

Hail to the Mustangs, Valiant
Hail to the Blue Ridge Heroes
Hail, Hail to Monticello
Leaders of the Way!


Good sportsmanship is all about respect. Mustang Maniacs ARE encouraged to participate in the chosen theme for the game, cheer loud (in a positive manner) and encourage others to do the same, spread the word about upcoming events and encourage student attendance at games, and support the Mustangs in victory or defeat.

The following list is by no means “all inclusive,” but is provided to draw attention to behaviors sometimes witnessed at athletic contests.  Please review this list to know what is not acceptable, disrespectful and/or dangerous.

  • All game-day themes must be approved by the Athletics office.
  • Taunting, singling out anyone and/or yelling personal remarks
  • Making inappropriate gestures or sounds toward anyone
  • Using profanity, racial, ethnic, or other slurs
  • Throwing things onto the court/field or toward others
  • Coming onto the court/field for any reason during the game
  • Artificial noisemakers are not permitted at indoor events – this includes bells, whistles, thunder sticks, clappers, megaphones (except cheerleaders), horns, etc.
  • Body paint and bare chests/sports-bras are not permitted at any indoor event. Face painting is acceptable.
  • Body paint and bare chests/sports-bras are permitted at outdoor events IF there is a student section ‘theme’ that supports the dress and/or body paint is being used. (Note: Students should NOT wear bare chests/sports-bras ‘just to wear one’.)
  • No one will be permitted on the court/field at the end of the game. “Rushing” the court/field shall be permitted only with specific direction and permission from the administration, and shall not happen until the handshake lines are complete and the opposing team has left the court/field.

Students in the student section are representing Monticello High School. Disciplinary consequences can translate to school discipline and/or future athletic events. The behaviors above will be addressed by athletic staff and/or school administrators and may be grounds for removal from the game.